Son of a champion, Watson was "A big dog in a little dog suit."

4 weeks

3 months

12 months

three ad shoots for PetSmart

short career as a police dog. 5 minutes.

Doug and Watson, 1999

Run for President in 2000.  He was in it for the free food.

Arizona's biggest Corgi event

Definitely not a biker dog

He liked to be in charge

Christmas 2000

2007. Pack leader, no doubt about it.

His sister Tinsel came to live with us.

A lucky photo of Watson and Tinsel in the living room...

...Turned into a fine art painting and then a greeting card courtesy of a friend.

Dave and Watson at the beach, 2001


You were one of kind, Watson.



We miss you, little buddy.


Our page remembering Watson's sister Tinsel is here