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Doug and Tinsel, 2002


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David and Tinsel, 2002

In July of 2002 Tinsel came to live with us.  We already owned...if that is ever the right word with a Corgi...her littermate/brother Watson. We got Watson as a puppy and three years later we heard that Tinsel was in need of a new home so we happily took her in. 

Tinsel and Watson were as different in personality as they were alike in appearance.  Tinsel was a sweetie, always ready to be in someone's lap and loved.  Watson was ever serious and a bit of a control freak while Tinsel was happy just to be a Corgi.  Watson was easy to train and spot on with his obedience.  Tinsel was happy to be a Corgi. 

 When visitors came to the house they were impressed with Watson's training but when they left, Tinsel was the one they always said they wanted to take with them.

Tinsel arrived with "house manners" but no doggie tricks.  True to her sweet nature she refused to learn tricks but instead relied on her charm to get by.  It always worked.

Fraternal twins but utterly different personalities.

A day at the park with leashes loose is always a good day.

Watson was always serious, Tinsel always happy, Holly is always a little worried.

In time honored Corgi fashion Tinsel was always ready for ice cream.


"Get out of the kitchen!" was always obeyed by Watson and Holly and sometimes Tinsel...sort of.
Tinsel relied on her charm to get her into position to be able grab the first of any crumbs that hit the floor.


Bathed and brushed and looking their best in 2004.  Their dad was Ch Sandyshire's The Phantom, ROMX 
Watson & Tinsel never did the dog show world.  Too many naps to take, too many friends to make.

"Senior dogs" according to the vet.  November 2008.

In December 2008 it wasn't so easy to get around for some reason but Tinsel's Corgi smile never wavered.  In March of 2009 Watson left us.

Early in 2009 Tinsel's back started to give out. True to form Tinsel held onto her house manners but refused to learn anything new despite our efforts.

Charm and a happy smile can get you were you need
to go if your family loves you.




In November 2009 life got too hard, too complicated,
but Tinsel's Corgi smile never wavered.



To your family you were the best, sweetest, Corgi ever.



"Dogs do not live long enough. It is their only fault, really." - Annon.



Special thanks to Cameron Pedri and Jean York for their confidence in yours truly as a true Corgi fan.


Our page remembering Tinsel's brother Watson is here.