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You ask "Why?"... I ask "Why not?"
The wurst a car can be...


(The Wienermobile is a registered trademark of Oscar Mayer.)

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Large 12" bank

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The BIG ONE: 36" stuffed Wienermobile store display. (Note the standard HotWheels Wienermobile next to it!)

I also have the a complete boxed store display kit with all the signage and promotional materials never removed from the box.

  Well, it's not a Ferrari F50 but it is cool.  I never really planned on collecting toy Wienermobiles but I found one at a toy show and it made me smile.  After I had collected a few Wienermobile toys I discovered the Oscar Mayer home page and their excellent on-line history of the Wienermobile.

I never realized how long this icon of American advertising, this symbol of what is right and good and true in American advertising has been around. If you'd like to see the early models check out their home page.  There's also one sitting in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.  Why, you might want to make it a vacation destination or something. "Hey kids!  We're going to see the Wienermobile!!" 

Actually, the Ford Museum is worth a 2 day visit all by itself but the Wienermobile makes it extra special for we connoisseurs of American Greatness.

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Excellent Wienermobile photo sent in by John F. Masters, another Wienermobile collector (I think that makes 4 of us).  Thanks, John!

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The Wienermobile seems to have become an integral part of our American culture and I'm always amused by people's reaction to the Wienermobile toys and even the real one. 

A few years ago I drove across town last year when the newest Wienermobile (sometimes called the "Wienerbago")  visited a shopping center.  Sitting in a parking lot at the grocery there is no missing the Wienermobile and as people walked by most of them couldn't help but smile.  The site of a 27 foot hot dog driving down the road is just too hard to resist.


Went to see the '96 model in person.  Sadly we didn't score a single Wienermobile freebie.

Mattel Toys has done a few Wienermobile HotWheel cars over the years and I've rounded up several of them.

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The all-chrome Wienermoble was part of the HotWheels Silver Series II in 1996.

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This is the standard HotWheels Wienermobile.

Mattel Toys, in addition to the larger Wienermobile,  have also done a 1/144th (?)  scale version.

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For at least the last couple of years, probably longer, Oscar Mayer has produced a Super Bowl Wiener Whistle.  The one shown is (obviously) from Super Bowl XXXI and looks like the most recent Wienermobiles.  Earlier version such as the Super Bowl XXX whistle have a wider base and different style windows. 

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The "wide base" whistle in the middle was the standard item until a couple of years ago.
The Canadian flag Wienermobile has a standard Oscar Mayer logo on the other side.  There is also a "Mardis Gras" Wiener whistle and probably more that I don't know about.

You'll note some variation on the large pieces which are in fact plastic coin banks.  Oscar Mayer has produced the large plastic toys for a number of years.  There's an interesting older version that has Little Oscar popping up through the coin slot as the bank is pushed along.  I'd like to find on of these in decent condition...but I'm not willing to pay ridiculous prices either.  E-mail me if you've got an interesting Wienermobile to sell or trade. 

The 2nd Wienermobile from the left is a radio controlled Wienermobile (see the larger photo below) purchased through a mid-West toy dealer.  According to the dealer it was some sort of  promo item for Oscar Mayer sales reps.   I took it to work one day and buzzed it around the office for awhile and as always people couldn't help laughing, picking it up, and making comments. 

Oscar Mayer has also done three Wienermobile pedal cars that are pretty cool and I darned near bought one early a couple of years ago but heck, were to you keep the thing?  Wurst of all I'm far too large to drive it myself.

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The Mattel "Computer Cars" series included the Wienermobile and a diskette that allowed you to play a couple of different games and also a section on collector info.

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1992 Olympics Wienermobile

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1980s - 90s bank

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"Beanie" Wienermobile was a mail-in promo item

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Radio Control Wienermobile.  A new version is out; anybody got one for sale?

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A some years back Honda did a nice magazine ad featuring the Wienermobile with their Acura Integra.  The ad reads "...The  second most fun car on the road."  Actually I think that would be the Volkswagen New Beetle Turbo S but then I'm a little biased.  It's still a cool ad.

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